Full​-​Chambered Roulette

from by endisnow

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these could be the last words that you hear
and i may already be dead and gone
path narrowed down our fool’s golden years
fate sealed with a kiss, said and done
everything you know, everything you love
everyone you know, everyone you love
every shred of hope, every drop of blood
disappears, it’s not near, it’s not nigh
it’s right fucking now

but what do you do?
too little too late
just spin the wheel
just finish the game
finger to the trigger...

pull. we’ve got the barrel to our heads.

is there a sound if no one is around
when a ghost town that scrapes the sky
comes crashing down to the ground?
either way, grave’s the same
pick a curtain, choose the noose
choose how you wanna die
every curtain is another bullet in
this game of full-chambered roulette
another bullet in for every shit-eating grin
this is full-chambered roulette

pull. we’ve got the barrel to our heads.

fetaled husks will disappear into the dust
and any trace of grace drowned in the sea
of our inhumanity
but when we finally realize the end is now
there will be no hands to hold
no roses to ring around
when we all fall down


from endisnow, released December 13, 2014



all rights reserved


endisnow Houston, Texas

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